Barry Costa
Artist & Designer // NLP Practioner

Introduction & Background

I’ve been creative in nature as long as I can remember. In my early years I used to draw and play with Legos. In college I discovered the computer and it quickly became my creative tool of choice. The computer feels like an extension of my own body, and I love the “Edit Undo” option.

Over the years I’ve gone through a significant transformation in my psyche and approach to life – not always by conscious choice. Unfortunately, you can’t “edit undo” some of the real life stuff. I made a good mess of my life in my 20’s and spent much of my 30’s and now 40’s cleaning it up. Growing up is a better way to describe it.

I currently reside in Maine, USA, with my partner KateLyn, and 16-year-old son, Anthony – my Grand Master Teacher in this life 🙂

Designed Art

Initially I created the art as a healthy outlet or channel to express my emotions and make sense of my inner turmoil. Many of the artworks were abstract, dark, and lacked vividness or brightness.

As my inner world transformed, so too did my artworks. They became more energetic, geometric, brighter, and colorful. I then started to incorporate words and iconic illustrations, and realized they gave me a sense of direction, serving as “Anchors” or “Friendly Reminders” to help me cultivate more helpful habits, behaviors, responses, mindsets, and different ways of living my life.

Over time I realized how powerful the Designed Art can be, which is why I’m now sharing it with all of you in hopes that you too will find the change you’re looking to make in your life!

Learn more about the process and art I create, called Designed Art or check out the Designed Art Examples

Guidance & Help

Like each of us, my life has been a struggle at times – better now for sure! Thankfully, I’ve had LOTS of help along the way.

I tried nearly everything in order to transform into the version of who I am today. This process has allowed me to see myself in others and relate to the sense of struggle and pain we all experience in our lives.

Because I’ve made such a big shift in my nature and personality, I feel ready to help others in the same loving way I have been helped. I can finally look myself in the mirror and say, “I love you!” … that was not always an easy thing ❤️️

I’m certified in Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), which has proven to be the greatest help in my life as a parent, partner, friend, and person in this world. I’ve put into practice systems like Non-Violent Communication and various energy/healing modalities. I’ve read and listened to a billion (joking not that many – but to many to count) audio books on topics related to quantum physics, philosophy, behavior, and psychology. All of these things combined has helped balance my understanding of who I am and provided me the necessary tools and skills to help others navigate life better.

I was not always happy with who I was, nor my choices, and it’s taken me a great many years to learn to love myself more. Now, I feel ready and available to help guide others through their struggles and life dilemmas.

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Blog Content

The content posted on the Blog is Barry’s unique way of navigating life and human experience.