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I don’t believe anyone needs fixing. We simply need to find a different way to help the pieces, parts, or references play together more harmoniously as a unified whole.

Artist Barry Costa

My story isn’t much different than anyone else’s today. In my younger years the adults in my life imprinted on me the beliefs and assumptions which were passed down to them from the adults of their time. I was never taught emotional intelligence, communication skills, to feel feelings, trust my intuition, or cultivate different types of awareness. It’s not anyone’s fault really, more a tragedy of generations, like a nightmare you finally wake up from, only after things get horribly out of control. You feel like a fool, for all those years  blindly accepting as truth others opinions of the way the world is or how you’re supposed to live your life. It’s incredibly challenging to make intuitive or heart centered choices when you don’t know yourself very well.

When I finally made a really good mess of life in my twenties I hit rock bottom. I went through a messy divorce, battling my ex-wife in court every six months, experienced suicidal thoughts, multiple addictions, health issues, and was lost in a sea of overwhelming sadness, rage, and complete lack of awareness for anything wonderful in life. Those were truly painful times.

The mess I made was mine to clean up, own up, take a hard look at, and become responsible for. I love who I have become and can honestly look myself in the mirror and smile 🙂

Over the years I’ve had loads of help from many people. One key teacher, Dr. Richard Bartlett, helped me to see and experience the world anew, with a more heart centered, less serious, and playful approach. I am truly indebted to his unwavering Spirit and willingness to endure my stupidity for so many years. Undoubtedly, my Master Teacher in this life has been my son Anthony. Without him to care for I most likely would not have pushed to be more responsible and get my act together as the years have gone on.

As I was trying to make sense of life I found myself creating Art. It helped me to organize, clear, synthesize, and has essentially become a symbolic representation of triumph over the tragedy.

To me these artworks aren’t just pretty pictures – they are blueprints for the Soul! They come from my own experiences of finding deeper truth and clarity. These artworks are healing and serve as a continuous friendly reminder to help focus on the good and useful things in life that will help anyone move forward.

I most certainly would not be the person/Soul I am today without the tremendous help, generosity, and love from my parents, friends, and people who stepped up and were a light for me when my path was dark and painful. Like each of us, my personal sticking points have been triggered time and time again. My tires have been deflated more than a few times on the road to eternal peace, yet the Art has always proven to be a source of inspiration and a catalyst for lasting change. I created this website as a way to showcase the artworks, do what I love, share, and give back what has proven to be useful and everlasting in my own journey. My wish is that something here will resonate with you and assist you as I have too have been assisted.

If I’ve learned anything experientially in this journey it’s that it doesn’t matter where or when you start. Change is possible, despite all odds! “Change” is my way of  life now, and I have faith in each and every Soul that we all may cultivate change in ways we need when we are willing and ready. Change for the good of ALL, producing the kind of results we would love to see continue forever. Individually and collectively.

The maxim I live by is this:

“The pattern we create becomes that which we are!”

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