Inspiration from within

The artworks found on this website are created as part of an ongoing exploration of life, and all that seems to be happening without my doing. Through all of my life trials, tribulations, stuckness, dilemmas, joys, celebrations, etc. I have always created art. It has proven to be a useful gateway for integrating, balancing, releasing, and demolishing identity. To me these are not just pretty pictures, as I have found them to be useful pivot points in self-transformation. I share them freely on this site in hopes it will somehow bring inspiration, movement, and awareness to others. Enjoy!

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Intentional Design + Creative Spark

I have over 15 years of professional design experience in both digital and print realms and offer services for:  Websites, Logos, Print, Email Templates, Marketing & Advertising.

My intention is to help you be successful and cultivate authentic working relationships.

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