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All prices are based on remote sessions or locally at Barry’s space. If travel is needed,  additional costs may be added to the total price.

Payments may be made with checks or online with credit cards.


Ongoing Maintenance

45 minutes = $150

Package of 10 sessions = $1,400

Package of 15 sessions = $2,000

Package of 20 sessions = $2,500



Emotional Reset

Learn to take control of your emotional response system and reboot your habitual tendencies. This package is for anyone needing to transform repeating patterns related to addictions, bad habits, anything which seems emotionally out of sorts or uncontrollable.

Package length = 8 weeks (average time)

Package price = $1,000

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New Life Blueprint

Tired of the same old themes and patterns repeating in your life? Need a change, but not sure where to begin or how to make it happen? This package offers a fresh start for those individuals who are looking for a new life trajectory. Learn how to begin asking the right kind of questions to help setup your life for success and the kind of experiences you wish to find.

In this package Barry will share with you some of his biggest lessons learned so that together you learn to navigate in, around, and through your own life better. The ultimate goal with Barry as your guide is to help you cut through the crap and get to the good stuff faster than he did so that lasting change is the only option.

Each session will build upon the last so that inevitably you will have a solid base for ongoing maintenance.

Package length = 12 weeks (average time)

Package price = $1,800

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Love Revolution

There are no limitations when love is your compass. Ready for an entire heart centered makeover? Ready to wake up every day actually loving your life? Let’s join forces and make your reality better than you could possibly imagine! Let’s explore together what’s not working so that all of the pain and darkness becomes a thing of the past.

This package includes a full assessment of all the references, untrue identifications, and pain or traumatic experiences, which continue to hinder the natural flow needed in order to live a more open and free life. Let’s create a new version of you that loves your life so much that you are giddy for more!

Package length = 24 weeks (average time)

Package price = $5,000

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Payment plans available for all packages or sessions, minimum of $500/Month

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