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About Soul Mechanic, Barry Costa

Life has a funny way of unearthing us all at times. My big transformation of consciousness began with my fantastically messy divorce in 2005 and has continued throughout my years of being a single parent, working full time, paying bills, and all that goes along with the twenties, thirties, and now upcoming forties. This initial unearthing has proven to be one of the most helpful experiences to date - although it did not seem that way at the time.

Soul Mechanic, Barry Costa

The core wound of everything feeling hopeless and forever stuck has been my biggest challenge to overcome. I used to be on a quest to find the absolute perfect guarantee to fix everything once and for all. That thing which would provide me with ultimate security and love. I searched and tried ssssoooooo hard to find that perfect practice, teacher, or modality that would fix all of my problems and make any pain go away forever. I actually never found it. What I did find was better than any guarantee!

Thankfully I have finally realized there is no single thing that fixes it all for good. No guarantees in this game of life. Yet one can create a nature of Soul which continuously finds ways in each situation to choose the most fruitful perspective you can, and learning time and time again to love whatever comes your way. These are my biggest take aways as of now.

It has not been one thing, but all things combined which have synthesized my continued Soul maintenance. Not to mention my family, friends, and amazing people and teachers who have helped support and guide my life along the way. I most certainly would not be the person I am today without their tremendous help, generosity, and love. Thanks to them I have reached a place in life where I don’t take myself all that serious, which of course makes life that much more fun and enjoyable.

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