Fruitful or Fearful?

A variation on the "Growth vs Fixed" approach. How do you live your life?

I think it was sometime in the year 2015 when I came across the ‘Growth vs Fixed’ mindset approach. It truly was helpful for me as a parent to be able to start to integrate this kind of thinking in our family and life. As I started to explore and integrate the references, I kept getting hung up on the iconic brain imagery, and for whatever reason, I felt blocked by these kinds of visual associations. So I did what I usually do. I created a new version of the ideas and modified words and visuals until it was just right for me. I have learned over the years that creating a anchor (friendly reminder) and printing it out usually helps me to pattern myself in a way that I find fun and inspirational. This info-graphic is a result of that process on this topic.

The words found in the info-graphic have been combined from other references online as well as my own personal exploration on this topic. My intention with sharing this info-graphic is that others find this spin-off as fun, useful, and inspirational as I have!


  • Willing to change, especially if it means going through a challenging or discomforting period.
  • Approaches inconveniences as fun challenges and opportunities.
  • Has an ‘attitude of gratitude’ towards life, people, and experiences.
  • Loves learning new skills and is consciously willing to change their beliefs, assumptions, or habits.
  • Admires and respects others for their qualities, gifts, and skills – compliments them as often as possible and looks to cultivate connections.
  • Considers ‘mistakes’ as opportunities to learn, grow, or change for the better.
  • Balances intuition as well as factual based information when making choices and decisions.
  • Even when disgruntled or down and out, is able to persevere the majority of the time.
  • Inspired by others’ accomplishments.
  • Uses experiences as learning opportunities.
  • Seeks balance in all areas of their life.
  • Open to receive criticism or feedback and adapts as needed.
  • Help others, makes new friends, and smiles at people they may not know.
  • Intends to find the win-win option when working or collaborating with others.
  • Continuously looking to find the good in people, experiences, and life.
  • Curious about life and what comes next, while embodying a sense of hope.
  • Understands that the past does not equal the future.


  • Approaches change as an obstacle that cannot be overcome, and is therefore unwilling to make any effort.
  • Considers others as the problem instead of being willing to change or take responsibility themselves.
  • Resents past experiences and blames people or society for their current situation.
  • Blinded by insecurity and always needs to be right or have the last word.
  • Unwilling to recognize we all mess up or are simply unaware of consequences at times, and are unable to forgive and move on.
  • Can rarely entertain new ideas because they are afraid of change or anything different.
  • Is constantly threatened by other people’s natural talents, qualities, gifts, and skills and usually is in competition with everyone around them.
  • Will do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it feels awful or goes against their own true inner feelings.
  • Relies solely on factual based information and doesn’t trust their gut feeling or sense of intuition, only able to consider it as an invalid source.
  • Frustration leads to giving up or lashing out at others.
  • Always looking for opportunities to exploit others’ weaknesses or find a way to get back at others.
  • Hates the idea of difficult situations and always tries to find the easy way out – may even resort to cheating or aggressive behavior.
  • Takes any sort of feedback personally and finds excuses for their own actions.
  • Has a competitive or elitist approach to life and everyone around them.
  • Intentions are usually directed towards selfishness or personal gain.
  • Continuously reinforces a victim attitude to any circumstance they find themselves in.


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Creator:  Barry Costa

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