Category: Designed Art


Inspired by Mel Robbins 5 second rule. Place this vibrant anchor in your space as use it as a friendly reminder to find the 5 Second Rule and change your behavior today. It's also brilliantly colorful and brightens any room it's placed!

Sometimes it’s like that!

Sometimes life is a shit show and ends up way different than our expectations. Sometimes it's more of the same and we love it for this. After awhile we realize it's not worth getting upset, being disturbed, or trying to make it into something it's not.

Beginner’s Journey

This artwork took over 10 years to complete! I have worked on it off and on for over a decade and found that as my awareness, consciousness, and what I believed to be true changed, so did this artwork.

Leave it better than you found it!

This is something my parents actually say and live in their own lives. It has taken me many years to really understand the impact it can have on my son and future generations.

It’s, ok.

This Designed Art was created for a friend of mine who needed a friendly reminder when they became anxious to chill out and find the "OKness" in the moment.

ALL Self

This artwork came out of my exploration for a deeper sense of what people mean when they claim “ALL is One!”.

What Would It Be Like To Open My Heart To The Whole World?

I made this artwork because I was inspired by something Adyashanti said in his book, 'Falling Into Grace', about opening one's heart to the whole world.

What The Mind Can DO.The Mind Can UNDO.

How can one simple statement make everything better in a heart beat?!

Hashtags for Fun and Change

Find more of what you're looking for and filter out all the rest. Applying digital world concepts and making them real!

Fruitful or Fearful?

A variation on the "Growth vs Fixed" approach. How do you live your life?